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Where To Go In Newport

Part of the excitement of moving to a new city is the chance to discover your new favourite haunts to eat, drink and dance. But the first few months in a new city can be overwhelming, especially if you're still taking the time to adjust in the few days and weeks after your initial move.

In that time, as you’re still navigating your routes to work, your gym and figuring out where that box with all your important documents has disappeared to, the last thing you want to do is waste your time taking in the worst your new city has to offer.

As Newport locals, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a (virtual) tour of the very best places our city has to offer.

The Best Shopping in Newport

Although Newport’s high street suffered in the recession, a recent multi-million-pound redevelopment and investment in the city centre have seen the construction of Friar’s Walk and expansion of the nearby Spytty retail park.

Modelled after modern shopping centres like St. David’s Dewi Sant in nearby Cardiff, Friar’s Walk hosts all your high street favourites in one easy, and undercover - you might’ve heard it rains quite a lot in Wales - location. Packed in with a number of local and national restaurant and bar chains, as well as a cinema, Friar's Walk has enough to entertain you from morning to evening.

As well as Friar’s Walk, Newport has a few retail gems hidden beneath the surface that aren’t as easily discoverable for the new in town. Tucked away near the railway station are the historic Newport indoor markets and arcades. Home to independent sellers like skate store Freestyle, and small fabric and bookstores, the indoor markets are bustling with small town charm.

Diverse Records Newport

And it would be a shame on any round up of shops in Newport to leave out Diverse records. Diverse has been at the nexus of the thriving Newport music scene for decades. Selling paper tickets for local gigs, and vinyl and CD’s of the best in underground, alternative and independent artists, the friendly and knowledgeable staff and diverse range on offer make this local record store a must visit.

The Best Places to Eat Out in Newport

Whilst there are a number of chain restaurants on offer in Friar’s Walk and quite literally hundreds of pubs across the breadth of Newport, with no less than 12 pubs in the small suburb of Caerleon, we’ve got to give our top eatery picks to three of the best independent restaurants in Newport.

Dutchy’s Jerk Shack is a family run Jamaican restaurant located in the city centre on North Street. Serving authentic Caribbean food, from Jamaican staples Goat Curry to Saltfish and Ackee, alongside an exceptional cocktail menu, when the Welsh weather is getting you down, Dutchy’s serves you island sunshine on a plate.

Mojo’s, or Mojo the Food Bar, is Newport’s latest answer to casual fine dining and is looking like it’s going to become a long lasting staple on Newport’s foodie scene. Showcasing Newport’s largest selection of Champagnes and utilising the latest technology behind their bar, Mojo’s not only produces creative and contemporary food but an outstanding accompanying bar and cocktail menu.

Mojo Newport

Ristorante Gemelli initially began life as a small dessert shop hidden behind Newport’s railway station. Small, but well known by the local community for their beautiful cakes and Italian coffees, Gemelli grew and eventually moved into larger premises inside Spytty retail park. Boosted by the beautiful premises, the authentic cuisine and fresh ingredients, Ristorante Gemelli brings a slice of Italy to Newport.

A special mention should also go to The Snug in Roman village Caerleon. Tucked away in the Ffwrwm, a small garden space filled with wood carvings, crystal shops and beautiful gardens, The Snug serves beautiful and locally sourced food from breakfast through to the evening.

The Best Bars in Newport

Like nearby Cardiff, Newport has plenty of places to go to enjoy a drink, or three.  

We’ve already mentioned the Urban Tap House in our previous guide recommending where to go in Cardiff, however, their newly opened Newport bar is also definitely worth a visit. Located in the centre of town opposite newly opened, and also a must visit, Gordon’s gin bar, the Urban Tap House offers a huge range of locally brewed beers, ales and ciders. Casual seating, decorative graffiti, reasonable prices and a beautifully open cellar downstairs means that the Urban Tap House is always packed.

Urban Tap House Newport

When Newport gets its annual one day of sun, then the only place to go is Caerleon. With more pubs per capita than should be reasonable for such a small suburb, Caerleon is ideal for a pub crawl. With the historic Hanbury located on the side of the Usk River and a multitude of beer gardens, Caerleon is an ideal spot to take in the sun and relax after a hard week at work.

If you’d like more information about moving to Newport, or the city itself, check out our other guides:

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Or please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01633 481391.