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Moving to Newport: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Croeso i Gyngor Dinas Casnewydd!  

Wales’ third largest city is an exciting prospect to consider moving to. With a long and illustrious history, from the skeleton boats excavated along the bed of the River Usk to the Roman Village of Caerleon, existing alongside an exciting present marked by global sporting and political events. Newport is a city that continues to develop and grow without forgetting the small communities in which it has its roots.

But relocating to a new city, no matter how much of a perfect fit it seems, should still take some thought. Although we already think you’ve made an excellent choice in Newport, we’ve compiled a list of 5 questions that you should ask yourself before you start packing up your home and moving across the country.


1. Can I afford to live in Newport?

Can you afford to take on the potential rise in living costs in moving to a new city seems like a fairly obvious thing to consider, but often falls to the wayside in favour of processing the initial associated costs of the move. Whilst weighing up the costs of hiring a Newport removals company and buying packing materials may seem like more of a pressing issue, these are one off costs. There’s no point in moving to a new city if you’re going to be unable to take on the added expenses of higher council tax rates and even maintaining a new social life.

Newport and South Wales, in general, enjoy some of the lowest living costs, but highest standards of living, in the United Kingdom. Luckily for you, especially if you’re moving from a city with a greater cost of living like nearby Newport, your mandatory expenses may actually decrease as you move to Newport, leaving you with more change to enjoy the result of the recent multi-million-pound regeneration and reinvestment in Newport’s city centre. Even house prices in Newport are only around 59% of the national average.

Before you make any moves, make sure to do your research, read our guide on where to live in Newport and generate an estimate of your what your current living costs would be when transferred to your new location.


2. What’s the job market in Newport like?

Due in part to Newport’s unique geographical location as the gateway to Wales, Newport is home a to a large and thriving local job market, alongside acting as an excellent spot to commute to nearby cities in Wales and England. In fact, in comparison to the 74,000 strong workforce that work within the city, more than double that commute up to 30 minutes, to Cardiff and Western parts of Bristol, and 1.6 million commute up to an hour.

With large employers like insurance company Admiral and the Office of National Statistics making Newport their base, alongside hospitality mammoths like the Celtic Manor, Newport is home to a wide range of employment opportunities. With a higher staff retention rate and a gross weekly pay making up around 94% of the national average, Newport is a great place to start your career.


3. Where's the best place to live in Newport?

Like any city, Newport has its share of different boroughs and neighbourhoods, each with their own character and identity. Ultimately, what you would consider a good or bad neighbourhood to live in all depends on personal preference.

If you’re a young family looking to settle down in a quiet neighbourhood within catchment to good schools, villages on the outskirts of Newport like Caerleon and Usk are ideal. For commuters, areas with easy motorway access, such as around Tredegar, may be more beneficial. Do your research and find out which areas better suit your living requirements.


4. What is here that I’m going to need out there?

This is a question that’s all about the little things. We often forget how many things we incorporate into our routines until we have to break them, and moving city is often the catalyst to force us to consider our lifestyle.

Make a list of all the things you use on a regular basis, the things that are important to maintaining, or improving, your quality of life. Do you need regular access to a 24-hour gym? Are you a surfer that needs to be close to the water?

Newport has plenty of things to do and places to go, so if you can’t live without a weekly burrito, we’ll sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


5. What am I gaining if I leave?

This is where the fun begins. Moving to a new city, especially a city like Newport, offers a raft of exciting experiences to take advantage of. Whether you’re moving for career progression, to better provide for your family, or simply for a change of scenery, relocating allows you to seize exciting new opportunities.

With close transport links to Cardiff and Bristol, diverse nightlife, beautiful scenery and a tightknit community, Newport has the educational and cultural opportunities of a city and the friendly nature of a much smaller town.

If you’d like more information about moving to Newport, or the city itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01633 481391.

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