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Removal packing tips

Packing for a move can never begin too early as last-minute packing that is rushed will lead to lost or forgotten items.

To save time and money, many items can be sold or given away.
Moving is a brilliant opportunity to assess belongings and their value or usefulness to yourself.

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If you are using double walled containers or boxes, use tape to fasten the bottom and the top of your boxes.
Deter from using boxes that have previously been used and look thin and worn.

Fill the boxes to the very top and ensure all small areas are filled with materials such as shredded/crumpled paper to pack your items securely and minimise damage.
Much larger spaces can be filled with soft cushions and pillows, again to prevent movement from the box’s contents.
Boxes that haven’t been filled can be crushed; be careful of overfilling your box as it may tear and fall apart, equally, a rattling box means there was space that could have been filled.

Packed boxes will usually weigh up at an average of 30lbs/15kgs each, so remember to weigh your boxes to ensure you don’t exceed the weight and risk tearing the box and damaging your possessions.

Label as you go along; the room the items in a particular box belong to, to make it easier when unpacking.
Remember to label a box as fragile if it contains delicate/fragile items.

Another handy tip is packing your least needed items first, and doing a room at a time – use the rule, ‘last in first out’ and pack your most used items towards the top of the box.

The last, but essential, tip is carrying a large bag or carton with you that will carry everything that is vital and may be required, such as medication.

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