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Removal packaging

Packing any items prior moving is of the utmost importance to those moving and to the removal company.

The Small Move Company offer a removal packaging service which promises to ease the stress of the move that little bit more. We take care of the packaging while you handle anything else.

It is beneficial to ask for the assistance of your removal company to help you pack as:

– We can coordinate with you at every turn of packing
– We will discuss and leave the retention or disposal of any fragile items you possess
– We can inform you about the different packaging materials and how they work along with the correct procedure to adopt for certain items. Also if anything goes wrong for some reason during the packing, we are trained to handle this situation
– We should be able to pack a home hosting a family of 4-5 within a few days
– Time can be saved as we will not reminisce on any of the items that are being packed when finding any items that hold memories
– Belongings will be packed efficiently, freeing up space in the box of the vehicle which will save cost
– You are able to focus on any other tasks that require your attention without the worry on having to get started on the packing

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