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Moving: DIY vs Hiring

You’ve bought a new house and you’re in the dilemma of whether to do your own move or hire the professionals to come and assist you.

Moving is a stressful time, and for many, hiring professionals is the simpler option as it takes away the stress of the move, however DIY is substantially more cost effective.

DIY: The benefits

Save money: One of the most common benefits of moving yourself is the financial side of te whole affair.
Hiring a company will cost money, and post buy (of the new house) many movers will not have sufficient funds.
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Your own clock: Another reason moving yourself is a considered option, is the ability to pack, load, and transport all of your possessions by your own clock.
Weeks can be wasted packing, and the to and fro journeys might get a little dizzying but they can be done on preferred days.

Control: An important part of the DIY side of things for many movers is exercising control over belongings and possessions.
When movers have control over their personal belongings helps brings a sense of comfort to them, which is entirely understandable.
Considering this, if a possession is broken, responsibility must be taken for that breakage.

Hiring: The benefits

Save time: Packing and moving is a lengthy process, what with all of the loading and heavy lifting and multiple trips.
Hiring a specialist removal service helps with the time process and makes the affair a much more speedier one – not to mention, having a removal team at hand does give the movers time to focus on other important tasks.

Less stress: As formerly mentioned, moving home is a very stressful process as a lot of things do need to be remembered, and there needs to be a convenient for everyone to help with the move etc.
Moving teams can relieve you of this stress thus making the move a more pleasant experience.

Professional packing: When packing for a move, the idea becomes a daunting task and all too often movers will procrastinate to avoid the task.
A benefit of hiring a removal team is that all of the packing will be done effectively and professionally, breakables will be wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap for maximum protection and a safe journey in the removal van.

Heavy lifting services: The experts know how to lift heavy items which is ideal for inexperienced movers who do not know how to lift heavy items in the correct way.
Also, many will have special equipment to assist them with the lifting of large objects.

Skilled drivers: Many movers haven’t had experience in driving a truck or a van.
Manning a foreign vehicle doesn’t fair well when you are transporting possessions.
Removal teams are experienced in manoeuvring hefty vehicles and will happily take that responsibility out of your hands.

Moving home is the start of a new journey for all movers and however they decide to go about that change is an entirely personal decision.
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