How to plan a move

Moving can be coupled with starting a new job, even changing your marital status, which gives you the idea of how much of a big undertaking it is.

To help relieve you from some of the stress, The Small Move – Removals Company Swindon – have compiled a plan for you:

Getting ready

Your initial move should be deciding whether you’d like to do the move yourself or whether you’ll be hiring professionals. It’s advised to hire a company if you have a lot of heavy objects, any back conditions, are travelling a long distance etc.

Then ensure to send your change-of-address forms to utility companies, any magazines you are subscribed to, organisations, family members and friends – also your doctors and dentists etc.
Close any accounts that will no longer be of use when you use, such as library cards and gym memberships.

Make sure to research the utilities at your new address, this includes, water, telephone, television, power and Internet services.
Obtain a floor plan that will help you decide where to put phones; mark out all the electrical outlets.

Empty the refrigerator the day before the move. Take care of any leftovers, decide on what you’d like to take with you and give what’s remaining to the neighbours – remember to unplug your refrigerator and leave its door open so the moisture can evaporate.

Going it alone

If you’ve decided to not hire a moving company, pack one room at a time. Be sure to use smaller boxes for heavier items like tools, kitchen appliances and books and mark any box that contains fragile belongings, clearly.

In order to determine what size truck will be carrying your belongings, measure your boxes when you are near enough finished with your packing and utilise this information.

To keep wardrobes and dresser drawers closed, seal them with blue painters’ masking tape as this is less likely to damage the finish when it is removed.

When loading the truck, be smart about it – use up as much vertical space as possible. Place boxes that have belongings in that won’t be needed immediately towards the back of the truck, and those that will need to be first out, towards the front of the truck – stick to storing boxes grouped with their rooms to make it easier when locating a certain box.


When hiring a mover, ask around and inquire about rates, also if any conditions will require additional costs such as moves over a certain mileage or a weight limit for goods.

Regarding packing, see their price and consider doing your own packing if this will save you money

Ask about how your large and fragile items will be handled, highlight and issues that could affect access including, steep drives, small attics, staircases etc.

Prior to going ahead with that company, obtain a signed contract from them that includes price, pick-up dates, also delivery dates, your insurance and guarantees.

For details about the services The Small Move – Removals Company Swindon can offer you in this big step in your life, please visit our website!