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The Small Moves [ Removals Swindon ] offer a Swindon removal service for 1-5 bedroom properties as well as small – large commercial moves. All of our staff are fully uniformed, friendly and courteous. By using a pair of half size vans we are able to massively reduce the cost and eliminate many overheads. In all other ways we are as good as well known removers.

The Small Move Company’s Guide to Moving Office

Moving office is a task in itself, so to help you out a little we’ve compiled a checklist for you to follow!

Six weeks prior to the move

Ensure that you measure out the new office space in preparation for the furniture design and layouts.

Four weeks prior to the move

Arrange for a security company to come and survey your new office premises if your management company does not do this. Then ask your furniture suppliers if they are able to offer any advice about the layout and design in order to make the best use of the office space.

Then ask your furniture suppliers if they are able to offer any advice about the layout and design in order to make the best use of the office space.

Proceed to contact the Small Move Company and obtain quotes for your move.

Make sure that you arrange any phone lines and electronics – your IT support will be able to assist you with the technical aspect of the move.

Three weeks prior to the move

The same routine as moving house, ensure that all of your existing suppliers are informed that you are moving, thus you should move or cancel everything, from cleaners to maintenance engineers.

When ordering any stationary with the new business address, and organise the change of address notifications which means they are ready to send.

Fortnight prior to the move

Take the chance, while the office is empty, to install the broadband and have your phone lines put up. Set up forwarding telephone numbers, or if you are able to transfer your phone numbers with your telephone providers.

Proceed to set up a postal redirect that is ready for the move date and send out your change of address notifications.

You may want to arrange for external storage of your desks, files, and IT equipment if there is a potential delay between your moving out and moving in date.

One week prior to the move

Set up large pieces of your storage furniture so they are available for use straight away and ask your IT company to set up all of the cables, servers and wiring.

Day of the move

Relax and let us take care of the rest!

Please visit our website for further information about our commercial moves and more!

Hire a professional removal company

Hiring a professional for your removal is simple as it is convenient.

There are endless processes that are involved in moving and it can be too much for an individual. Thus why it proves advantageous to hire a professional removal company! And we can tell you how.

Something that is is guaranteed when hiring a professional removal company is the protection of your possessions. If you opt to do the move yourself, it is possible you may miss a few of your possessions or misplace them along the way. Such things can be prevented when you choose a professional removal company such as Small Move Swindon; we can guarantee the protection and security of all fo your possessions also and handle them with care.

Hiring a professional removal company will also give you the element of speed during your removals. We will manage time effectively in order to ensure your move will be done swiftly and efficiently. Removals that are executed at a sufficient pace can prevent things from being lost, not only will it speed up your move, it will decrease the amount of stress you have.

Relocating on by yourself could equal several trips having to be made several trips before all of your belongings have been transported. This is what makes hiring a professional removal company so convenient; Small Move Swindon can shorten those trips to just one, this eliminates the extensive use of resources.

Moving is an exciting time, don’t let the endeavour be stressful, let Small Move Swindon take on the removals so you can enjoy the move!

Please visit Removals Swindon for further information about our removal services and the other services we can offer you!

Removal packaging

Packing any items prior moving is of the utmost importance to those moving and to the removal company.

The Small Move Company offer a removal packaging service which promises to ease the stress of the move that little bit more. We take care of the packaging while you handle anything else.

It is beneficial to ask for the assistance of your removal company to help you pack as:

– We can coordinate with you at every turn of packing
– We will discuss and leave the retention or disposal of any fragile items you possess
– We can inform you about the different packaging materials and how they work along with the correct procedure to adopt for certain items. Also if anything goes wrong for some reason during the packing, we are trained to handle this situation
– We should be able to pack a home hosting a family of 4-5 within a few days
– Time can be saved as we will not reminisce on any of the items that are being packed when finding any items that hold memories
– Belongings will be packed efficiently, freeing up space in the box of the vehicle which will save cost
– You are able to focus on any other tasks that require your attention without the worry on having to get started on the packing

For a quicker, more effective way to move, please visit Removal Swindon website!

Choosing your overseas removal firm

If you are moving house internationally, deciding on your removal firm well in advance is vital.

International house moves will involve a lot of planning prior to the move date to ensure sufficient time to complete the extra tasks in addition to the above considerations.

Allow yourself a lot of time to consider a variety of overseas removal companies to help you with your international move and their credentials.
The companies should then reply with initial quotes and you can check their feedback.

Beginning the process as soon as possible will not only give you time to do sufficient research and compare quotes but it will also provide you with the opportunity to take your time getting to know the companies and their service levels offered.

An international removal company should provide you with a pre-move survey; any reputable removal company will offer this service. During the survey you can ask the firms about customs requirements, the insurance they offer and any additional services you may need, such as packing.

It’s advised to use a professional export wrapping service for your overseas move. Any good international removal company will provide you with this option. The majority of international removals insurance will only cover your possessions if they have been packed by that removal company, and, for customs purposes, all the times will need to be added to your inventory which will be made in the packing process.
Export wrapping and packing is essential as it ensure all of you possessions are safe and secure, so there is as little chance as possible for damage.

Similar to regular, domestic removals, the friendliness and responsiveness of a company is an equally significant factor when choosing a removal company.
Don’t underestimate the importance of feeling at ease with the company that will be transporting all your belongings to another country when you come to choose a removal firm.

If you’d like to check out our services, please visit Removals Company Swindon‘s site!

How to plan a move

Moving can be coupled with starting a new job, even changing your marital status, which gives you the idea of how much of a big undertaking it is.

To help relieve you from some of the stress, The Small Move – Removals Company Swindon – have compiled a plan for you:

Getting ready

Your initial move should be deciding whether you’d like to do the move yourself or whether you’ll be hiring professionals. It’s advised to hire a company if you have a lot of heavy objects, any back conditions, are travelling a long distance etc.

Then ensure to send your change-of-address forms to utility companies, any magazines you are subscribed to, organisations, family members and friends – also your doctors and dentists etc.
Close any accounts that will no longer be of use when you use, such as library cards and gym memberships.

Make sure to research the utilities at your new address, this includes, water, telephone, television, power and Internet services.
Obtain a floor plan that will help you decide where to put phones; mark out all the electrical outlets.

Empty the refrigerator the day before the move. Take care of any leftovers, decide on what you’d like to take with you and give what’s remaining to the neighbours – remember to unplug your refrigerator and leave its door open so the moisture can evaporate.

Going it alone

If you’ve decided to not hire a moving company, pack one room at a time. Be sure to use smaller boxes for heavier items like tools, kitchen appliances and books and mark any box that contains fragile belongings, clearly.

In order to determine what size truck will be carrying your belongings, measure your boxes when you are near enough finished with your packing and utilise this information.

To keep wardrobes and dresser drawers closed, seal them with blue painters’ masking tape as this is less likely to damage the finish when it is removed.

When loading the truck, be smart about it – use up as much vertical space as possible. Place boxes that have belongings in that won’t be needed immediately towards the back of the truck, and those that will need to be first out, towards the front of the truck – stick to storing boxes grouped with their rooms to make it easier when locating a certain box.


When hiring a mover, ask around and inquire about rates, also if any conditions will require additional costs such as moves over a certain mileage or a weight limit for goods.

Regarding packing, see their price and consider doing your own packing if this will save you money

Ask about how your large and fragile items will be handled, highlight and issues that could affect access including, steep drives, small attics, staircases etc.

Prior to going ahead with that company, obtain a signed contract from them that includes price, pick-up dates, also delivery dates, your insurance and guarantees.

For details about the services The Small Move – Removals Company Swindon can offer you in this big step in your life, please visit our website!

Removal packing tips

Packing for a move can never begin too early as last-minute packing that is rushed will lead to lost or forgotten items.

To save time and money, many items can be sold or given away.
Moving is a brilliant opportunity to assess belongings and their value or usefulness to yourself.

Or you could save time and click for more information on our removal packing services.

If you are using double walled containers or boxes, use tape to fasten the bottom and the top of your boxes.
Deter from using boxes that have previously been used and look thin and worn.

Fill the boxes to the very top and ensure all small areas are filled with materials such as shredded/crumpled paper to pack your items securely and minimise damage.
Much larger spaces can be filled with soft cushions and pillows, again to prevent movement from the box’s contents.
Boxes that haven’t been filled can be crushed; be careful of overfilling your box as it may tear and fall apart, equally, a rattling box means there was space that could have been filled.

Packed boxes will usually weigh up at an average of 30lbs/15kgs each, so remember to weigh your boxes to ensure you don’t exceed the weight and risk tearing the box and damaging your possessions.

Label as you go along; the room the items in a particular box belong to, to make it easier when unpacking.
Remember to label a box as fragile if it contains delicate/fragile items.

Another handy tip is packing your least needed items first, and doing a room at a time – use the rule, ‘last in first out’ and pack your most used items towards the top of the box.

The last, but essential, tip is carrying a large bag or carton with you that will carry everything that is vital and may be required, such as medication.

For more packing tips and our removal services, please visit our website!

Moving: DIY vs Hiring

You’ve bought a new house and you’re in the dilemma of whether to do your own move or hire the professionals to come and assist you.

Moving is a stressful time, and for many, hiring professionals is the simpler option as it takes away the stress of the move, however DIY is substantially more cost effective.

DIY: The benefits

Save money: One of the most common benefits of moving yourself is the financial side of te whole affair.
Hiring a company will cost money, and post buy (of the new house) many movers will not have sufficient funds.
Although you can gain a free quote from us here!

Your own clock: Another reason moving yourself is a considered option, is the ability to pack, load, and transport all of your possessions by your own clock.
Weeks can be wasted packing, and the to and fro journeys might get a little dizzying but they can be done on preferred days.

Control: An important part of the DIY side of things for many movers is exercising control over belongings and possessions.
When movers have control over their personal belongings helps brings a sense of comfort to them, which is entirely understandable.
Considering this, if a possession is broken, responsibility must be taken for that breakage.

Hiring: The benefits

Save time: Packing and moving is a lengthy process, what with all of the loading and heavy lifting and multiple trips.
Hiring a specialist removal service helps with the time process and makes the affair a much more speedier one – not to mention, having a removal team at hand does give the movers time to focus on other important tasks.

Less stress: As formerly mentioned, moving home is a very stressful process as a lot of things do need to be remembered, and there needs to be a convenient for everyone to help with the move etc.
Moving teams can relieve you of this stress thus making the move a more pleasant experience.

Professional packing: When packing for a move, the idea becomes a daunting task and all too often movers will procrastinate to avoid the task.
A benefit of hiring a removal team is that all of the packing will be done effectively and professionally, breakables will be wrapped in newspaper and bubble wrap for maximum protection and a safe journey in the removal van.

Heavy lifting services: The experts know how to lift heavy items which is ideal for inexperienced movers who do not know how to lift heavy items in the correct way.
Also, many will have special equipment to assist them with the lifting of large objects.

Skilled drivers: Many movers haven’t had experience in driving a truck or a van.
Manning a foreign vehicle doesn’t fair well when you are transporting possessions.
Removal teams are experienced in manoeuvring hefty vehicles and will happily take that responsibility out of your hands.

Moving home is the start of a new journey for all movers and however they decide to go about that change is an entirely personal decision.
For information on our removal services, please visit our website!

The six steps in choosing a removal company

What six steps should you take when choosing a removal company?

We all need a removal company at one point in our lives. Whether it’s moving home, furniture, valuables or more, removals companies are there to help you in every way you require. So, with so many removal companies floating around the marketing today, how can you decide which one to pick? We have seven top tips for you in our latest blog, read on below!

Get recommendations from those close to you!
Possibly the easiest and possibly the most logical ways of finding a removal company to suit your needs is to ask your family and friends if they have any recommendations or past experiences with some local removal companies that they would recommend to you. If your family are out of ideas, always remember that your friends, co-workers and local estate agents should have some experience of removal companies. You’ll feel more at ease with choosing a company if someone you consider close recommends them and their services. We recommend that you don’t use websites who can “find you a removal company”, as they could simply be taking a cut of the costs, therefore hiking the prices.

Do your own research!
When you’ve compiled your own list of recommended movers that you’re considering using, it’s always good to do some more background research on these businesses to ensure their legitimacy. Remember: one recommendation is only one recommendation; it doesn’t mean that the service is fantastic to every single one of their customers. Visit a number of website to read reviews, customer testimonials, recommendations and more. Yelp!, Yahoo and Google all offer customer feedback sections of their websites on companies, so check these out to see if they have any customer complaints. Also look at how they handle the complaint. If they deal with it swiftly and leave the customer happy, they’re reliable, but it’s advisable to not go with a company who ignores their customers.

removal company swindon

The moving day can be stressful, choose the right removal company!

Show the estimator everything!
When you get in touch with a removal company, they’ll often send out an estimator who can evaluate all of the items you want moved and give you a rough cost estimate of how much it’s going to cost. Remember to show this person everything you want moved: from clothes and TVs to furniture and appliances, they’ll need to see all of the items they’ll need to move in order to make the estimate accurate. Failure to do this could lead to price hikes in the costs, and the last thing you want to do on moving day is pay over the odds for simply moving home.

Review the price of the estimate
The total estimate given to you by a removal company should be signed by yourself and the company representative, as this stands as a form of service order for your estimate. Also, check the inventory list to make sure that all of your goods are listed; this step just ensures that all goods will be accounted for when the move takes place.

Comparing your bids
Remember to check all of the offers you’ve received from removal companies, and cross reference the inventory lists to make sure everything is correct. You should be wary of estimates that come much, much lower than the other companies, as this could indicate discrepancies in the inventory list or more. Also, check the highest bids to see where the extra costs are coming from. You’re well within your rights to call and question anything you’re not sure of.

Choose your mover!
Now is the time to choose the removal company you feel most comfortable with. After all of the steps you’ve taken, you should feel confident choosing a company to move your valuables. Be sure to confirm the dates and the details of the move with the company and sign your order form to make it a legally binding contract.

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