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74% don't change their locks after move

As moving house, especially moving far away, is an extremely stressful operation that takes a lot of time and effort to be done perfectly.
Naturally, during this process many things can be overlooked because of the focus on the move.

A survey was conducted recently, and it was found that a shocking 74% of homeowners do not change the locks after moving into a new home - leaving the house exposed to the previous key holders.

The survey discovered that people between the ages of 35-54 are more inclined to change the locks after moving in, although those aged 55+ are the least likely to  change the locks.

Quite a few home insurance policies declare they won't pay out if an intruder lets themselves into a house using a key.
Bearing in mind you may trust the previous house owners; thought should be given out to the amount of copied keys there are for the house that were given out to relatives, or if there are any keys that have been forgotten about.

We cannot express enough how important it is to change your locks after you have moved into a new home, for the protection of yourself and your family.

Sourced from Rightmove & KeyTek Locksmiths

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