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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Swindon

Not just home to the UK’s first lending library, Swindon’s excellent local economy, centralised location and high employment rates are chief among the many reasons to relocate to this historic market town.

Swindon doesn’t get as much fanfare in the press and public eye as other Southwestern cities like Bristol and Bath. Most notorious for its maze of roundabouts, including the gigantic Magic Roundabout, Swindon is massively undersold. Combining the charm of the quiet courtyards, eclectic mix of pubs, crafty boutiques and stylish bars of the original Old Town settlement, with an exciting and progressive job market driven by a number of international finance and manufacturing corporations. The town of Swindon is uniquely placed in both the global and local spheres.

But whether you’re relocating for your career, to be closer to the fantastic heritage sites, or simply because you’ve found a place to call home in Swindon; there are still a few questions you should ask yourself before you commit to planning your move.

Can I afford to live in Swindon?

Moving house is expensive, there’s no doubt about that. Alongside the actual cost of your new pad, plus any agency fees you may have incurred along the way, you’ve still got the additional expenditures of the logistics of your actual move. From hiring a Swindon based removals company, down to buying packing materials.

So it’s no surprise that in the stress of pricing up, organising and actualizing your move, that processing the costs of living once you’ve moved to your new home falls to the wayside. But there’s no point in moving to a new city if you’re going to be unable to manage the change in expenses, whether it’s higher council tax rates or maintaining an exciting new social life.

Luckily for you, alongside being named as one of the best places to buy property in Britain due to its low ratio of house prices to household income - especially considering its close proximity to London - Swindon also has a comparatively low cost of living.

In 2016, money comparison site TotallyMoney found that Swindon had one of the lowest costs of living, coming in 15th out of 57 towns analysed. Collecting data such as the unemployment rates, and average wages and rate of living, taking into account anything from average mortgage to restaurant prices, Swindon is one of the most financially healthy places to live in the UK.

What’s the job market in Swindon like?

Historically a railway town, Swindon’s industrial heritage continues today. As the fourth best place to find a job in the UK, with the sixth highest employment rate nationally and a median annual earning above the national average, the job market in Swindon is, quite obviously, thriving.

Home to the regional and national headquarters of some of the most respected companies in the world, including Nationwide, Pizza Hut and Zurich, alongside a vibrant small and medium business sector, Swindon offers a diverse range of employment and career opportunities.

At the last count, the average salary in Swindon was £30,846, with the town offering 4,355 jobs out of 1,250,683 positions nationally, and 82% of graduates working within Swindon are in highly skilled occupations.

If you’re working in London or Bristol but don’t fancy life in the big city, Swindon is well placed on the M4 corridor.

What are the good/bad neighbourhoods?

Swindon, like any town, is home to a number of diverse boroughs and neighbourhoods, with each being particularly good or bad wholly depending on your preference and requirements. Whilst there’s an affectionate saying in Swindon to avoid all neighbourhoods beginning with ‘p’, there a number of excellent places to settle down both in, and on the outskirts of, the town.

For more information on the best places to live in Swindon, check out our guide here.

What’s here that I’m going to need there?

Moving to a new town or city can be disorientating. All of the things we took for granted in easy reach in our previous home or the habitual routines we accumulated over the years now have to be re-found and re-made.

Do a little research before you move, find out if all the things you do and use on a regular basis can be replaced in your new town.

Swindon has plenty of things to do and places to go, so if you can’t live without outside close proximity to a local arts institution, or regular Friday night karaoke, we’ll sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

What am I gaining if I move?

This is the fun question. Moving to a new town, especially one with as many things going for it as Swindon, should and can be a hugely exciting time. Whether you’re moving out from a big city to spend more time in the beautiful countryside, following your dream career, or looking to move to a town with a lot of history, and even more charm; the high quality of life in Swindon is bound to benefit you both financially and holistically.

If you’d considering moving to Swindon and would like some advice from our staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01793 619094.